Fifa World cup South Africa 2010

Vicente Del Bosque should not have many doubts about some men who go with him to South Africa 2010, but had to choose to complete this list of athletes who have given glory to this selection
Del Bosque DelBosqueVicente should not have many doubts about some men who go with him to South Africa 2010, but had to choose to complete this list of athletes who have given glory to this selection

It seems that many men are fixed in this 'Red' who is astonishing the world. In goal are strongly fixed to the three goalkeepers: Casillas, Reina and Diego López. If nothing happens rare is difficult to enter others. However much we strive Aranzubia Palop and some are jelling better season than Valdes. Sevilla goalkeeper is, in my opinion the most qualified.

In defending the fixed should be Piqué, Joan Capdevila, Puyol and Ramos. Other players like Monreal, Albiol, Arbeloa Iraola and players have been that Del Bosque has been tested in some games.
Difficult decision. I think any of them is to travel to South Africa. Questions for the coach.

The middle line I think is the best in the world right now. And that Del Bosque has lots of good things: Senna, Alonso, Xavi, Cazorla, Cesc, Iniesta and Silva seem untouchable to me now. All of the best in the world.

Already we have 3 goalkeepers, 4 defenders and 7 means. We still have the lead. Torres and Villa seem immovable. So there are 16 untouchables, many players of a very high quality as far as Del Bosque would you only 7 seats. And that's where they continue Del Bosque's doubts, which I imagine to be many.

Obviously, the defensive line should be reinforced with security players. Del Bosque is hoping Albiol, Arbeloa, Marchena. In my opnión Arbeloa is not to go to South Africa. He looks very nervous and I think the South African event you have a little big. Albiol and Marchena are able to perform at their best almost always, but can also act Marchena half. Versatility important in a player who is dangerous because it can leave you with one less player at any time.

Another error of Del Bosque, who are few, is the obstinacy to align Busquets. Always in my humble opinion, this guy does not have the necessary level for the 'Red' now, you still have much to learn. Already defensive means as Senna, Alonso and if necessary it can be Marchena double play on defense and on-line media.

Concerning the means of link that can accompany Silva, Cazorla, Andrés Iniesta and Cesc, questions focus on performance Mata, Pablo Hernandez and Jesus Navas to give a citation of this caliber. Quality is more than ample and I do not think any player is more goal in this line that Spain has to offer and sell. Albert Riera is a player like the crown of a pine tree, and why not name, to me should be another fixed.

Up front Villa and Torres are unquestionable. the first by e second because its effectiveness can make when it is most needed. Chaperones not have it easy. Llorente said that he was disappointed when the coach was not cited for the final game. It was fácilpara Del Bosque, who I think you know very well and did not need to see more. Guiza and Negredo are the candidates together to Bilbao, to be in the 2010 World Cup. Guiza surprised by their effectiveness, Negredo is a very tanned man who has also long goal. I see no more in Spain striker able to oust these 3.

There can be many speculations. I find a 16 fixed and I see very much in the air Arbeloa and Busquets. But then, I'm nobody on this team, or pretend to be. I just want to say a subject that I imagine will head to Del Bosque. In any case, the decision is yours, for theirs is the job and I can only say that whoever carries carries must try to win the 2010 World Cup. Because Spain is unlikely to have a better team than this. And because the chances of winning are real. Although not for me to criticize him if he does not win, because I have something very clear in this sport, everybody plays, opponents as well, and the difference in a tournament of this size and with this format may be in luck day . And there are all possibilities. That there is luck, Spain.

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