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  1. page home edited ... CREATING OUR WIKISPACE - 2009/2010 This is the wikispace for the bilingual group of 4º ESO in…
    This is the wikispace for the bilingual group of 4º ESO in the IES Grupo Cántico (Córdoba, Spain). Here you have the index of students on the group.
    you need to translate any
    use wordreference

    you can try dictionary.reference
    A Wiki is a collaboratively-edited website which many people also view. The distinguishing feature of wikis is that they typically allow all users to edit any page, with full freedom to add new text, change or even to delete the work done by previous authors. Other typical wiki features include:
    Easy creation of links to wiki pages, other websites, images, videos and other kind of files.
    Easy creation of new wiki pages.
    A RecentChanges page
    which lists
    A collection of wikipages linked together under the same domain or "space" could be called a "wikispace"
    Almost all wikis use revision control to prevent abuse and track changes, so if someone decides to erase one or more pages it is easy to "revert" back to previous good version of the "erased page". If someone repeatedly attempts to abuse the system, their IP address can simply be blocked.
    Here your have an video explaining what a wiki is:
    Exercise #1: Find a wiki you like and paste the URL down the last line.
    search wikispaces about oneaboutone of this
    Write your name/s beside and a short text in english explaining what is the wiki about. Steps for insert a link:
    Copy URL of the website you are going to link.
    Press OK bottom
    Climate Change. Added
    by Javier
    2. Addictions
    19. Added by Lucía Silveria Zurita. Wiki about the pop music.
    20. Added by Melani Mariscal Gómez. Wiki about the cinema.
    21. .Added
    by Antonio
    22. . Added by Araceli Ibañez Ruiz. It's a wiki about injustices with animals
    Exercise #2: Choose a subject for you wikipage (into our wikispace) and write it on the student's page. This is the list of possible subjects:
    It should look something like this example below.
    Exercise #6: Creating a collective page about software utilities. Each one of us has to complete the sentence "Software can be useful for...". It's not allowed write a sentence that has already been used by another student. Remember add your name besides your answer. Click here to do this exercise.
    this exercise.
    A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. The content is normally arranged in reverse-chronological order with the most recent post at the top of the main page and the older entries toward the bottom. Blogs are written with bloggers communicating directly to their audience, and replies are expected in the form of comments.
    Your username should be the same as your Wikispace and Wordpress username without the underscore _ . Write down your password to avoid problems!!!
    Follow the instructions on the page.
    a video
    Open the folder with your .avi or .mpeg video and .srt subtitles (this should be on your desktop)
    Open a Terminal by clicking: Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
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